The CenMax production strengths

Achieving success with expertise and innovation.

  • CNC on top form: innovative technology
    We offer you state-of-the-art machining processes in the CNC field. These enable maximum precision and speed in the production of workpieces from metals of all types.

  • Ready for use: state-of-the-art machines
    We have the suitable technology for each machining request. Quality machines you can count on: Your workpieces are processed with technology including modern CNC plate, drilling and milling machines, machining centres, centre lathes and vertical turning machines.

  • Harnessing synergies: with strong partners
    We and our partner companies complement each other sensibly and efficiently. In each project/assignment, we collaborate in a targeted manner with the partners, with whom a maximally economical solution is possible. In this way, both parties benefit from constructive and long-term cooperation.

  • High productivity: through streamlined organisation
    Our short administrative channels impact positively on the speed of our production.
  • Made in Germany
    CenMax collaborates exclusively with reputable German partners. With us, you receive quality made in Germany.

  • Absolute precision thanks to 3D measuring technology
    With highly modern 3D measuring technology, your workpieces are checked precisely for dimensional accuracy. You receive products of the best quality and in maximum precision.
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