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Our metal processing services

Precision is of the utmost importance in the field of machining technology. With modern machining processes such as CNC vertical lathing, CNC milling, CNC drilling machine processing, 3D contour processing and welding designs, we produce perfect results for our customers. Prototypes, small and large part processing, individual, series and special productions: we offer you the entire range of mechanical processing. In addition, we also deal with material procurement, assembly unit production, ready-to-install manufacturing, packaging and logistics, on request.

In cooperation with our permanent contractual partners, we process workpieces from metals of all types – for example, for the following industries:

  • the aeroplane industry
  • wind energy
  • special-machine manufacturing
  • automotive
  • supply
  • facility engineering

Whatever industry you come from – CenMax offers you precise solutions, tailored precisely to your specific requirements. We offer you the complete service on request: from consultation to production and assembly to packaging and delivery.

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Machining technology // assembly unit production